Dr Webster is a pioneer for skin laser surgery in South Africa and makes use of the following 4 lasers:

  1. Clear + Brilliant® Laser
  2. Intense Pulse Light (Ellipse®)
  3. Mosaic® Fractional Resurfacing
  4. Alexandrite Hair Removal Laser

Each patient would have to be assessed by means of an initial consultation to decide which laser would be suitable for their treatment.

1. Clear + Brilliant® Laser

The Clear + Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional laser that is considered to be one of the most gentle of all the fractional laser treatments. It takes skincare to a whole new level helping to improve unwanted signs of skin ageing and helping to prevent future skin ageing. Skin tone becomes more even and uniform, the texture ultra-soft and smooth, pore size minimized and the best of all, a naturally radiant, glowing skin.

What makes this laser so unique is that there is minimal downtime but maximum results – they are visible within a week or two post-treatment. It can also be used long term to maintain the results of more invasive skin treatments. Using sophisticated technology it is designed for clients who want to take control of their skin ageing process in a less invasive way.

Using a precisely controlled handpiece with a small disposable roller, the specially trained laser therapist moves the roller over the skin producing microscopic treatment zones in the skin. These micro-columns of laser then penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis stimulating collagen production and generating a healthy, radiant skin.  There are two versatile attachment hand pieces, each one suited to different skin types and concerns:

The Perméa ( 1927nm) is often used for a quick skin boost, especially before a celebration to improve texture and tone while giving the skin a radiant glow. It is also indicated for those with fine lines or early signs of ageing. This treatment is a very popular choice for celebrities wanting the ‘glow’.

The Original ( 1 440nm) penetrates deeper into the skin, helping to stimulate collagen and is recommended for treating a more mature sun-damaged skin.

Both treatments are performed while the skin is numbed to reduce any discomfort  – this can vary depending on your tolerance levels but most people find it minimal. Immediately post-treatment the skin does feel red and flushed, almost like a bad sunburn but within an hour or two, it resolves.

2. Intense Pulse Light (Ellipse®)

Intense Pulsed Light is a very effective treatment for fine lines, brown age spots, freckles, broken veins and enlarged pores. In the past each of these conditions required different laser treatments and these often resulted in some inconvenience and discomfort during and after the procedure. Often patients were required to take time off work or from their daily lives i.e. downtime.

IPL treats the imperfections of the skin in the epidermis – the top layer of skin – so that the brown sunspots and freckles peel off approximately 7-10 days after treatment. The IPL heats up the collagen resulting in tighter, firmer and smoother skin.

As one uses lower energies of Intense Pulsed Light, it is a very safe procedure with no downtime and minimal risk of complications.

A series of treatment sessions with IPL is recommended. The number of treatments will depend on the amount of sun damage you have on your skin. By dividing the sessions up into several treatments the procedure provides gradual improvement with a very low risk.

An assessment of your skin and how suitable it is for IPL treatments, the number of treatments required and the cost thereof can be discussed with Dr Webster at your consultation.

2. Mosaic® Fractional Resurfacing

The Mosaic® laser is the latest state-of-the-art fractional non-ablative laser.

Previous ablative lasers would vaporize the whole top layer of your skin, leaving a raw painful area. This laser produces multiple, deep columns of laser that penetrate down to the deep dermis while sparing the surrounding tissues. The skin’s upper most layers act as a protective dressing so healing time is reduced. These deep laser beams heat up and remodel the collagen and the outcome produces a more natural look and uniform skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

This laser will help for solar lentigines (brown sunspots), fine lines, acne scars and will tighten the skin to a certain degree. It can be used on the face, neck and chest quite safely.

The Mosaic® laser delivers excellent results such as reduced pore size, overall improved laxity and skin tone. There will be a noticeable improvement immediately after each treatment and this will continue over the coming months. The skin will look brighter and feel regenerated.

The treatment is performed with the use of local anaesthetic cream and the pain is minimal. It takes approximately 45 minutes to perform a full face treatment and afterwards the skin will look slightly pink and possibly a little swollen for a day or two. The Mosaic® laser is one of the safest and most reliable resurfacing laser systems available.

On average a patient would require at least 3 to 6 treatments spaced approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart. Dr Webster will do an assessment of your skin and will recommend the number of treatments required and the cost thereof at your consultation.

4. Alexandrite Hair Removal Laser

This Gold Standard hair removal laser is one of the most effective lasers for the removal of unwanted hair.