We are proud to announce that Dr Webster has launched the first Dermatology online store in South Africa:

Dermastore™ – The Skin Doctor’s Boutique.

This project has taken two years since it was first conceptualised until the launch in mid-April 2015.

The idea to start an online store selling specialised, curated skin products started when Dr Webster realised that many of his patients, many of whom live in the interior of South Africa, could not obtain the specialist anti-ageing products he recommended. They would buy the products in his practice when they visited him but once they needed to replenish them they had no means of doing so.

Together with his 22 years of experience as a Dermatologist, his wife, Sandy’s expertise in sourcing the best anti-ageing products for his practice and his two sons, whose experience spans design, marketing, project management, he and his family worked together to bring this project to fruition.

The first step in this project was to present this concept to Dr Webster’s product partners, none of whom had ever been involved in an online, e-commerce retail environment in South Africa. These presentations took place in May 2014 and after the first product partner agreed to come on board, the Dermastore team approached a User Interface/User Experience designer to design the look and feel of the website.

Once this was completed the website went into a six month period of development which has resulted in a world-class e-commerce online store. The website includes a unique Skin Assessment which take the stress out of choosing the right products for a customer’s skin type and skin condition and this also helps to minimise any adverse reactions.

Once the assessment has been completed, a number of recommendations are made from the various product ranges sold by Dermastore, some of the best cosmeceuticals available in South Africa: Neostrata, Skinceuticals, Exuviance and Skin Medica. A cost-conscious range called the Tailored Regimen mixes and matches products from different ranges.

As this is the first dermatology store in South Africa selling active ingredient products online, it is imperative that customers complete the assessment but once they have done this, they need never do it again unless any personal particulars change. They are then free to buy without doing the assessment each time they visit Dermastore.

The foundation of Dermastore is the customer service – this is of great importance to Dr Webster and his staff. As a valued member, once a customer has completed the skin assessment, they will have access to this Skin Care Support Line and they will receive newsletters and advice and inside information from the Dermatologist’s “desk” and special offers on products.

Dermastore has partnered with Aramex, the courier company used by Yuppiechef and MyGate payment gateway for secure payments online.

Dr Webster is adding value to the products he sells by introducing individual products pages with a considerable amount of information for each product. Together with regular newsletters and blogs, he is helping to educate customers so that they can make informed decisions about the skin care products they purchase.

Visit the site: https://www.dermastore.co.za/

April 2015








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