The advantages of a skin therapist working closely with a Dermatologist …

Sarah joined our team at Dr Ian Webster last year and has been busy building up a loyal client base not only because of her expertise and the ongoing training that she receives but because she works so closely with a Dermatologist.

Working within a skin specialist practice does have many advantages because of the extra knowledge that is gained, the high quality of training provided and access to top quality cosmeceutical/anti-ageing products that are not available over the counter.

Our patients and clients feel secure in the knowledge that there is a proper screening process before any anti-ageing treatments are undertaken – either via a referral from Dr Webster who has assessed them and/or a Visia Skin Analysis done by Sarah. They know that should any concerns arise after treatments such as Dermapen or a rejuvenation chemical peel, a Dermatologist is on hand to provide advice and assurance if needed. Fortunately this is not a common occurrence and for that we are thankful.

Sarah is not only passionate about her field of work but she really loves working with people – we see her as a people magnet because once you have met her, she is very hard to forget!

Some of the popular treatments offered by Sarah:

  • Neostrata & Skinceuticals Rejuvenative Anti-ageing Skin Peels
  • Dermapen Medical Needling – anti-ageing treatment and popular for acne scars;
  • Deep cleansing/glycolic peels for acne and congested skins;
  • Restorative & Replenishing Facials
  • Eyebrow Threading and Shaping

You can make a personal appointment with Sarah for a free Visia Skin Analysis – she would love to meet you! She will provide you with a copy of your analysis, together with a no-obligation treatment plan plus product recommendations, to help you understand how to best attain skin health.

Sandy Webster / August 2014





2 Responses to “Sarah Stringer – Skin Therapist”

  1. Carol Mills says:

    I would like a skin analysis to see if i am using the correct products for my skin type. My dermatologist suggested the neostrata skin active range and i want to confirm that these products are the best for my skin.
    Thank you

    • Greg Webster says:

      Hi Carol.

      You’re welcome to come in for a Visia Skin Analysis with Sarah, please call 021-8525858 to make a booking with her. Alternatively you can visit Dr Webster’s online store and do our online skin assessment. This will help you in choosing the right products for your skin type and once you are happy we will deliver the products to your door.

      Please contact us should you need anything else.

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