What makes the Neostrata range of products so cutting edge?

With their continual quest for new ingredients and scientific formulations, the founders of Neostrata are a 6th generation cosmeceutical company. This really is an achievement that sets this company apart from many others.

As promised in an earlier post, I said I would write about our trip to Neostrata in Princeton, USA where we attended a two day Neostrata Academy product course, which included meeting the founding Neostrata doctors, Dr Eugene Van Scott and Dr Ruey Yu and expanding our knowledge of the Neostrata products that we stock. Another highlight of the course was the visit to Neostrata headquarters to see first hand where the products are researched and developed in laboratories before being introduced to the public.

Ian is very much an evidence-based medical specialist who likes to know the science behind anything he recommends and to see the published articles in medical and other professional journals where possible. With his naturally enquiring mind, I knew he would derive a great deal from attending this course, as would I, because of my deep interest in healthy skin and the products that help to achieve this goal.

Working closely with Ian for the past 22 years, I have been introduced to many products over the years. I am usually the ‘guinea pig’ in the stringent testing that goes on in our practice before we take on new products with active ingredients.  I have always had a high regard for Neostrata as a company and their products – they are a technology company, who have over the years, finely tuned their scientific formulations to keep abreast of a growing market that demands efficacy.

Neostrata is privately owned by Dr van Scott, a  Dermatologist and Dr Yu, a Dermatopharmacologist – interestingly both medical doctors are still working and are involved in the company:  a true inspiration as Dr van Scott is in his early 90s and Dr Yu is in his late 80s!

Their quest to continue inventing and evolving cosmeceuticals and to keep abreast of modern trends, has kept Neostrata ahead of its game in a highly competitive market. I will cover more of their research and development in my blog of our visit to the Neostrata headquarters.

Being nominated to attend this two day Neostrata Physician’s course to learn more about their products was an absolute gift in my life and it didn’t disappoint and I am especially pleased that Ian decided to accompany me and attend the course as well!

We flew to New York and were swiftly and comfortably transferred to a hotel on the outskirts of Princeton – we could not have asked for a more American welcome than a freshly baked American chocolate chip cookie which came with our schedule of events for the next two days! My Banting lifestyle had to be set aside momentarily so I could also enjoy this most American of cookies.

Thoughtfully, the Neostrata personnel running the course had given us time on the Monday afternoon, before the course started the next day, to stroll around Princeton, a beautiful ivy-league university town. It is everything you imagine it to be and I was interested to see that Michelle Obama and Brook Shields were alumni and that Christopher Reeve grew up in Princeton although he went to Julliard for his college education.

The college buildings (really covered with ivy), the quaint shops and the beautifully manicured, shady green, picturesque squares with lovely benches provided some welcome relief in the soaring heat. It was hard to believe just how hot it was while we were there!

After a leisurely lunch, we met up with the two other South African ladies from Johannesburg who were also attending the course and a Malaysian Dermatologist. We then returned back to our hotel in the early evening and were able to have an early night, ready for action early the next morning when the intensive course started in earnest!

The following two days of the Neostrata Physicians course were totally absorbing as we learnt so much from a variety of lecturers, including Dr Elizabeth Briden who has given a talk in South Africa previously  Dr Van Scott gave a lecture and we had photographs taken with him and Dr Yu – both these men are incredible for their ages as they are in their 8th to 9th decade respectively and they don’t look anywhere near it with their flawless skins – a true testament to the efficacy of their products!  We had a hands-on chemical peel workshop on the second day of the course by a New York Dermatologist.  We were taken on a guided tour of the Neostrata headquarters and laboratories in Princeton – a totally fascinating experience as it really brought home to us just how much research, development and science lies behind these advanced cosmeceutical products.

The Neostrata staff really pulled out all stops to make our time spent with them as educational, exciting and memorable as possible – we did a walking tour of Princeton, followed by dinner in one the trendiest student eateries in Princeton, in an old industrial building which houses a brewery – it oozed atmosphere and charm and was very vibey! The next evening, the staff transported us to New York to enjoy a meal we shall never forget at a famous Italian family diner called Carmelita’s, followed by a Broadway show called Pippin.

We sadly said our farewells before heading up north to visit Boston to visit the professor who taught Ian how to use lasers when he was training to be a Dermatologist.  We ended our trip with a five day working holiday in New York where we walked the streets looking at new products, trends and soaking up some of the great energy of the Big Apple.

We feel incredibly grateful to Neostrata for giving us this amazing experience and it really has helped to give us more advanced knowledge about these cosmeceuticals and in turn help our patients to make informed decisions when buying Neostrata.

Sandy Webster / August 2014














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