It is no coincidence that the three main cosmeceutical anti-ageing and skin care product ranges we stock at Dr Ian Webster have all been founded by leading Dermatologists in the USA.

It goes without saying that no-one has a better understanding of the skin than skin specialists themselves!

This is becoming more evident as we field phone calls from people who are feeling lost in the world of high spend marketing, where phrases such as Botox in a Bottle confuse people. They are increasingly seeking out advice from experts, people who have spent many extra years studying the skin and working with evidence-based products.

At our practice it has always been our primary focus to give good solid and unbiased advice, providing products that work and where patients can see results.

We were one of the first dermatology practices in the Western Cape to stock a product range with active anti-ageing ingredients over 22 years ago. Our motivation for stocking these products was to provide home care products to patients after their laser treatments – integrated skin care, which was a rare concept in those days.

In time we became much more than that … we became a centre of excellence where people came to seek dermatological advice because they trusted our integrity to help them make the right decisions without the fear that we were only in it for the money.

It was much more simple in those days as we only stocked one range! Over the years we have added to our ranges and today we have carefully selected the products and cosmeceuticals that we believe will continue to keep our patients happy and achieving their desired results.

Dr Webster believes in data which translates into medical evidence when it comes to products with active ingredients. Careful consideration is given before deciding to add to our small and select product ranges.

Our latest addition is Skin Medica with its growth factor technology  – it  has taken over 8 months of testing these products, relentlessly questioning their representatives and undergoing rigrous product training before we finally accepted them as one of our product partners.

We feel very blessed indeed to be able to provide our patients and clients with high quality, evidence-based products founded by some of America’s most respected and innovative Dermatologists. The products we stock are some the best to be found in their country of origin and certainly some of the best to have found their way to our distant shores!

We are also pleased to note that our choice of anti-ageing product ranges is right up there with some of the most eminent dermatological practices in the ‘States.

NEOSTRATA was co-founded by Dr Eugene J Van Scott, a Dermatologist and Dr Ruey Yu, a Dermatopharmacologist, both internationally acclaimed as the leading authorities in the development and dermatological use of Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHAs) and Bionic PHAs, which are clinically proven to improve visible signs of ageing.

SKINCEUTICALS was founded by Dr Sheldon Pinnell, a Dermatologist and skin scientist who is commonly referred to as the Founding Father of Antioxidants, for the pioneering work he did on antioxidants and the research he did into the role they play in preventing skin cancer and ageing of the skin.

SKIN MEDICA® was founded by Dr Richard Fitzpatrick, a Dermatologist and innovative leader in his field and most notably, respected for his research and product development of growth factors which play an integral role in the skin’s natural ability to repair damage caused by the effects of ageing.

To find out which products best suit your skin and your concerns, please make an appointment for a FREE VISIA COMPLEXION ANALYSIS with Sarah Stringer, our skin therapist. Telephone: 021 852 5858/9


Dr Ian Webster / June 2014

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