After sitting on the fence for many years about whether to purchase this skin analysis system, we recently purchased the latest Visia Complexion Analysis system with the Ultra Violet (UV) photo mode which provides the most complete data set available for sun damage assessment. No-one can accuse us of being hasty! We had always worked on the assumption that Ian didn’t need a piece of equipment to tell him whether a patient’s skin was sun-damaged or not and what was needed to rectify it. However, after testing the scanner on some of our patients, we realised that there is so much more to it than just looking at the skin with the naked eye, especially with the new addition of the UV photo mode. We also found that patients loved it and were fascinated by the results.

Using sophisticated software to analyse the skin, one able to see below the surface of the skin and to analyse it on a deeper level.  In this way we are able to give advice on corrective treatments and products to help address these problems.  It is also a very useful piece of technology to monitor the improvements made by the treatments and products after a suitable period of time.

Visia’s advanced technology has transformed medical cosmetic practices worldwide, by providing meaningful on-screen and printed skin analysis.  It is able to help doctors and their trained staff to  evaluate treatment plans for their  patients and to track treatment progress. This increases patient motivation and compliance as they are able to monitor their progress, their expectations and the outcomes of their chosen treatments and products.

Visia Complexion Analysis is able to assess the following:

∙    Photo Damage (sun damage)

∙    Wrinkles

∙    UV Spots

∙    Vascularity (broken veins & redness)

∙    Skin Texture & skin tone

∙    Pigmentation

∙    Pore Size

∙    Porphyrins (bacteria that causes acne)

Visia consultations generally last about 45 minute – this includes the analysis scan and the post-scan discussion about the various treatments and options should you have any of the above skin conditions. Your data and images will be stored on a database for future consultations.

Visia Complexion Analysis helps patients to understand their skin conditions better and to play a role in deciding what they would like in a treatment plan. They are given an opportunity to discuss their treatment plan openly and honestly. We respect the right of the patient not to be pressurised and we are always happy to give suggestions and to educate the patient to make their own decision.

Open, honest communication with patients is a hallmark of Dr Webster’s Dermatology practice – patient’s concerns and their expectations are respected at all times.

Contact us for a FREE skin analysis and to discuss an integrated skin care regiment with our experienced skin therapist.  Dr Webster reviews all images and reports together your integrated treatment plan, ahead of any suggested treatments.


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