Some interesting facts about sunbeds and the dangers of using them …

Sunbeds only use UVA which is a longer wavelength of radiation that causes ageing of the skin and skin cancer.

Normal sunlight is a mixture of both UVA and UVB.

The UVB wavelength is responsible for sunburn, which serves as a warning that you have been in the sun for too long. You start to burn and to feel sore and this is a protective effect to get you to move out of the sun.

When you lie on a sunbed, it does not have UVB wavelength and you will therefore get a higher dose of UVA without feeling you are burning and causing damage to your skin.

You will not feel the harmful effects of UVA without the warning bells of UVB.

Remember … the high risk accumulative effect of the sun? Sunbeds can only accelerate this effect.

It is ironical that many health spas and skin therapy centres that advocate health and beauty and who sell skin rejuvenation treatments and products for sun-damaged skins, still offer sun bed tanning.

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