As far as products are concerned, our Neostrata Skin Active range remains a runaway success. It was therefore no surprise to hear that this range recently won the Best Cosmeceutical Range, together with Heliocare, in the UK MyFaceMyBody Awards.

Neostrata have introduced several new and exciting products into their range:

Neostrata Targeted Range:  Triple Firming Neck Cream

For use on the neck and décolleté – what a fabulous product, packed with the latest anti-ageing active ingredients and especially good after a medical skin needling treatment such as Dermapen to enhance the results – we have personally seen the results of using these two together: Dermapen needling combined with this topical, targeted neck and décolleté cream.

Neostrata Skin Active Range:  Antioxidant Defense Serum

For day time use under the normal day cream in the range, Matrix Support SPF 30 – this serum is like your skin’s bodyguard, protecting it from the ravages of free radicals encountered in our daily lives.

Neostrata Skin Active Range:  Firm Collagen Booster

This serum is used under the Skin Active night cream, Cellular Restoration. It has a potent collagen building formulation targeting three mechanisms of action to help maximise the skin’s natural collagen and increase firmness.  Key ingredients include apple stem cells and Matrixyl 3000. According to an article in a British newspaper, researchers at Reading University, while investigating the use of collagen in wound healing, found that a specific chain of amino acids known as Matrixyl, can increase the production of collagen by quite a large percentage. Waning hormones in menopause can suppress the body’s natural collagen production, causing premature ageing of the skin.  This serum is definitely not only for women, men love it too!

Neostrata Skin Active Line Lift

A new anti-ageing product containing Aminofil technology, targeting those irritating little lines like crow’s feet, smoker’s lip lines (barcodes), brow furrows and nasolabial folds.



Skinceuticals Advanced Professional Skincare range was incorporated into our practice this year.  Although they have a broad range of superior anti-ageing products to Prevent, Protect and Correct, a couple of the products in the range have caught our attention as we have tried and tested them.  Proving to be exceptionally popular – this range is at the cutting edge of antioxidant pioneering.  Although quite pricey, the serums last for at least three months.

CE Ferulic protects the lipidic film on the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis to improve firmness and elasticity and is ideal for dry skins.

Phloretin CF boosts the skin’s structure, it helps to diminish age and brown spots and is ideal for a combination to normal skin.

A.G.E. Interrupter has a unique combination of ingredients specially formulated for the mature skin when signs of creping and thinning appear due to intrinsic or internal aging processes such as glycation.

There are other wonderful products in this range which we will be highlighting in the forthcoming months – those mentioned here are a few of our personal favourites.

Men especially like to use these anti-ageing serums together with their sun blocks as they are not greasy and penetrate quickly and effectively.  Skinceuticals recently won the Best Anti-Ageing Product for the A.G.E. Interrupter at the Annual MyFaceMyBody Awards.



For people with red, sensitive skins, Bioderma have introduced their new anti-redness BB Cream. It reduces and helps to prevent redness, it soothes, hydrates and it has UV protection with an SPF 30.  It also helps to even out the skin tone and leaves the skin with a velvety finish.



This product ticks so many boxes – in fact it is one of our favourite Summer of 2013/2014 products! It contains a unique combination of Shea butter for moisture, Vitamin E, UVA & UVB filters, Lactic acid for exfoliation with a hint of a self-tanning agent – daily use leads to a beautifully smooth, silky soft skin, with the added bonus of a light tan AND protection.  This product is available at our Bright Street surgery – as far as we know there are not too many stockists of this particular range in our area.


The multifunctional complexion correcting C.C. cream instantly minimizes the look of imperfections while the sun filters block age-accelerating UVA-UVB rays. Ideal for use after dermatological procedures including light to medium chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and IPL.


Paraben free preservative system





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