The practice has been very blessed this year and remained busy despite tough economic times, something we never take for granted. Every patient who comes to our practice is highly valued and we are grateful for their support. We have received many compliments about our staff and we are proud of how courteous and helpful they are despite the pressures they often face as they try to accommodate everyone with appointments.

We have some interesting items to share with you – please click on the links to read about them in more depth. We do apologise for not writing many newsletters this year – we know many of you have been asking why. On a personal note, we both suffered the loss of our mothers, three months apart.  Nothing ever prepares you for this loss and the void that is left behind.  However, with the love and support of our family, friends and staff, we have got through this tough period but sadly our newsletters did get rather neglected during this time.

We know it is often difficult to find time to read all the emails that arrive in your Inbox but we do hope that you will find a little time to read this newsletter while you relax on holiday!  It is a good time to catch up on some interesting articles to do with the skin, new treatments and products.


Ian was invited to chair a session on lasers at an international conference in Ahmedabad, India in January 2013.  Spouses were invited and a highlight of the trip was our stay in the magical Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, courtesy of our hosts, Glenmark. What a heady week of sensory overload as we immersed ourselves in everything that makes India the fascinating country it is. A country of contrasts is how we will always remember it … grinding poverty where grace abounds, frenetic but with a prevailing sense of peace, vibrant colours that light up the grimiest landscapes, order in chaos.  We were blessed to have experienced this amazingly different culture and Ian was very impressed by the standard of the many talks he attended at the conference.

Sarah Stringer, a skin therapist joined our team at Bright Street this year to assist Ian with aesthetic treatments in his practice. We spent the winter months training her to Ian’s high standards – chemical peels, skin rejuvenation treatments, facials and to use the Dermapen, a new medical needling technique.  Sarah spent hours at product and treatment courses and passed the Skinceuticals exam with flying colours!  We are delighted to have such a positive and enthusiastic new member of staff – with her warm and engaging personality and her expertise, she is already very  popular with our patients.  

We started a new laser clinic with two other Dermatologists in the second half of this year. The clinic is unique in that between the three Dermatologists, there is almost 40 years of combined laser experience, together with a specialist understanding of the skin – Skin Rejuvenation Experts. The Clinic offers one of the most trusted and effective hair removal lasers, the Alexandrite, for unwanted hair, the Mosaic Fractional Laser for skin rejuvenation treatments and Ellipse IPL for the removal of brown age spots and red veins.  Ulthera for skin tightening is also available. All bookings and pre-consultations are booked via our surgery. The trained laser/skin therapists are very experienced and work closely with the three doctors.

DERMAPEN … click to read more

A new and exciting medical needling technique.  Rarely do I see Ian get this excited about a new treatment but he has been extremely enthusiastic about Dermapen!


Using sophisticated software to analyse the skin, one able to see below the surface of the skin – contact us for a free skin analysis.


Neostrata Skin Active Range: This range is a runaway success story in our practice and winners of the best Cosmeceutical range in MyBodyMyFace Awards in Britain.  Read about the products we have really impressed us in this range.

Skinceuticals:  Superior antioxidants in a class of their own and winners of the Best Anti-Ageing Product for the A.G.E. Interrupter at the Annual MyFaceMyBody Awards in Britain.

Bioderma:  BB cream for people with red, sensitive skins.

PH Formula:  B.O.D.Y. Lotion – this product ticks so many boxes and is one our favourites for the Summer of 2013/2014.

PH Formula: C.C. Cream SPF 30+  – this is a great new post procedure cream.

SUN-SENSIBLE … click to read more

∙    Be Sensible

∙    Be Aware

∙    Be Responsible

∙    Be Healthy

SUNSCREENS … click to read more

The decision as to what strength SPF protection you require depends on your skin type and how long you are going to be in the sun.  All people with varying skin types should apply a sunscreen daily but fair skinned people in particular, who are going to be in the sun for longer than usual should use a higher factor sunscreen.

SUNBEDSclick to read more

Some interesting facts about sunbeds and the dangers of using them …

We would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Blessed Christmas – we hope you will have time to relax and to connect with all the special people in your lives and thank you again for all your support in 2013.  Next year we will definitely be sending out more communications!

Best Wishes

Ian & Sandy Webster


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