This is a new medical skin resurfacing system from Barcelona, Spain – while doing initial tests on this product, seven volunteers underwent one peel treatment each for various skin problems such as sun damage, acne and pigmentation.  Our aim was to get feedback about how each patient felt during and after the treatment.

We were pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback we received from these volunteers after one treatment on Level 1:  the immediate feedback straight after the peel was generally one of great satisfaction.  Most of the volunteers reported that they preferred the sensation of heat during the peel rather than the prickling sensation of other peels they had undergone.  Only one patient said she preferred the prickling sensation to the heat sensation. Most of the volunteers didn’t have much erythema (redness) due to delivery system of the peel although, those that did experience some redness found that it resolved quickly.

We followed up with the volunteers after three days and then after a week and they all seemed very happy during the post-treatment period –  most of them reported that the peeling commenced only after two days and that their skins glowed and felt pleasantly tight in the two days before they started peeling.  They had different degrees of peeling and all of them felt and saw a positive difference in their skins post-treatment.  One of the acne volunteers reported that her acne seemed a bit worse after the peel and then it got much better whereas the other acne volunteer didn’t report her acne worsening – she loved how her skin felt post-treatment – clean and soft.

One of the volunteers with sun damage had already had two previous treatments and after her third treatment, we could see a noticeable difference in the tone and texture of her skin.    She is a lady in her mid-50s, who has had a lot of sun exposure that has left her with noticeable sun damage.  She was therefore a good candidate for the anti-ageing treatment. She reported that she has received many compliments about her skin and she is delighted with the results to date. Her skin has a healthy glow and her lines have a softness which makes for graceful ageing.  Another noticeable result was that her freckles faded considerably after three treatments.

This treatment is what is termed a ‘lunch-time’ treatment – twenty minutes to half an hour, no wet hair due to the self-neutralising nature of the peel and no need to even remove the patient’s eye make-up!  This is also a wonderful peel for men who want “no-fuss” anti-ageing treatments.

What we find so positive about this treatment is that it is a no-fuss, skin resurfacing system that not only causes skin exfoliation but deep cell regeneration.  The greatest bonus of all was the great patient satisfaction with this treatment.

Six treatments are generally recommended but as always, we prefer to do three or four peels and then reassess how many more treatments are required to meet the patient’s expectations.

The resurfacing treatment has targeted treatments for the following skin disorders:

  • ACNE
  • CHRONIC REDNESS (Still to be tested)

The range includes pre and post treatment products which we recommend to prep your skin pre-treatment and post-treatment.  Other treatments include a brightening treatment with Vitamin C – a lovely boost for your skin before a special celebration.

We are able to offer this peel year round instead of just in the winter months although we always assess the candidates carefully – if their lifestyle is an outdoor one with sports such as golf, hiking etc, then we would recommend the peels from April to November.  However, people who do not like to go into the sun and actively practise sun avoidance would be able to have these treatments at any time of the year.

Information about the pHformula Company:  It is a pharma-cosmeceutical which finds itself between new generation cosmeceuticals and the doctor’s practice.  This dermatological skin resurfacing system focuses on a range of skin disorders which include premature ageing, sensitive skin, acne and hyperpigmented skin.

The unique scientific blend of dermatological ingredients offer the most comprehensive preventative and restorative skin care solutions available without a prescription.

The pre and post resurfacing products prepare, optimise and maintain the results of the skin resurfacing treatments, making sure that the skin specialist has access to the most advanced treatment systems.  The pHformula products are also complementary add-ons to many popular medical procedures.

The laboratories of pHformula were founded in the late nineteen century and are still controlled by the fourth generation of a family of pharmacists specialising in dermatology, which reflects the benefits of a research-based approached to dermatologic innovation.

It is always a good sign when a business is handed down from generation to generation …


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