It has been a busy time in the practice of Dr Ian Webster since we wrote our Winter Newsletter.  Taking a break from all things dermatological, we took a break and we managed to fulfil a lifelong dream of taking a river safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana in September.  I was terrified because it meant 5 days of sun exposure with only a small area of shade under the boat covering.  I made sure that I sat in the shade most of the time covered in sunscreen as the reflection off the water can also cause sunburn.  At least I came back with my skin intact and no sunburn which was a great relief.  We had a huge amount of fun swimming in the river and spent long, lazy days watching wildlife and taking photographs and we also had an adventurous encounter with a bloat of hippo but that story is for another day!

Ian has also been busy helping journalists and editors with various articles, both local and international especially on the topic of Vitamin D.

We have tried and tested many new products in our practice during the winter months.  Although these products are evidence-based, we have spent many hours reading up about them, testing them on ourselves and willing volunteers, getting feedback and finally making a decision about whether to incorporate them into our product range.

We pride ourselves on trying to source the best anti-ageing products to make sure that they work and that we have happy patients and clients. Our vision is to help people who ask for our advice, to age as comfortably and gracefully as possible with the right information and support.

We have tested two new product ranges, Skinceuticals from the USA and PH Formula from Spain – I am busy writing about these products in more detail and I will send these out shortly.  Skinceuticals is an anti-oxidant range and can be used as an add-on product with existing products (they also have some other wonderful products) and PH Formula have an exciting range of affordable, problem-targeted, lunch time peels which can still be done in summer provided you are not a Sun God/Goddess,

We are also busy testing two new products, one an eyelash/eyebrow treatment which stimulates and strengthens hair follicles – I have been quite amazed at the growth of my eyebrows – while not thick and bushy, I can definitely see a difference as can my skin therapist!  I have used the product for about 6 weeks and will test it for 3 months, so I am looking forward to the end result and reporting back to you about the results.

The other product I am currently testing is a nail product for fragile nails. After years of artificial nail coverings, I have decided to give my rather weak nails a break – what a drama this has proved to be and I have endured weeks of hell trying to strengthen my splitting, peeling nails.

We recently attended the local Dermatology Congress in Durban and while Ian covered the more intellectual side of the congress, he booked me in as an accompanying person so that I could scout out new and interesting products in the exhibition hall.  It was rather like being a toddler in a sweetie shop and I had hours of fun talking to the experts, trying various products and treatments.   I was very excited to find the above mentioned product for weak and fragile nails – I will also report back on this after a few more weeks of use.

Our beautiful range of CANSA-approved, UPF50+UV Emthunzini sun hats have got even more beautiful this summer with new designs and colours.  They are selling well because hats are now seen as a real fashion item and we could not be happier that more people than ever are using this extra protection to preserve their skins. Golfers and bowlers love them too which is an added bonus!

I have discovered something really interesting about hats:  there is a sun hat to suit everyone!  So many people say that they do not suit hats but with a bit of time and patience, I have managed to match a hat to most people who say this to me – it all depends on the style of the hat and how it is worn.  It has given me great pleasure to see the happy smiles when someone finds the right hat for themselves.

It is the start of the beautiful Cape summer – we have endured a long, cold and wet winter and it is time to enjoy the full bounty of summer which of course does include some extra sun exposure – treat your skin with care and respect in the hot African sun.

I was horrified to hear from someone the other day who said her doctor had told her to stop using sunscreen because her Vitamin D levels would be too low if she didn’t get enough sun exposure!  Scary stuff indeed, speaking of which …

Carte Blanche will be screening a documentary about the early detection of melanoma and the role of sunscreens and mole mapping on Sunday 25th November 2012

Enjoy the longer days of summer, the beautiful fresh summer fruits and vegetables, the wonderful wines – for a second year running, I swopped a sun hat for half a case of bubbly from a wine-farmer’s wife.  Our husbands just shake their heads at our business acumen!

Best wishes for a wonderful festive season and any other celebrations you may be enjoying over the next month.  We will be sending out another newsletter in mid-summer when we get back from a Dermatology Congress in India at the end of January.



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  1. Jgdesandre says:

    Jay and I loved reading your adventures in Botswana; and, yes, Jay never goes out of the house without his sunscreen, cheers, John

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