Winter is well underway and we are going through exciting times in the practice.  Our website has been very well received.  Our web designer was very happy indeed when our website was accepted onto an internationally renowned design website and given centre stage for a few days  – we had a lot of ‘hits’ and our website was given an exceptionally good score by web designers from around the world.

We have had feedback that patients and prospective patients like the fact that they can look at our website and see what treatments we offer and what products we stock.  We have also had many new subscribers to our newsletters which tells us that people are looking for more  information about their skin, hair and nails.

We have introduced a fabulous new peel treatment for your hands – a peel solution is used to exfoliate the dull, dry skin from the back of your hands and after neutralising, a deeply moisturising vitamin serum is massaged into the freshly peeled skin to provide moisture.  This treatment leaves your hands feeling soft and in some cases some brown marks can appear a little lighter.  Winter is a good time to have brown marks removed with liquid nitrogen or laser and this treatment is a good pre-cursor to either of these treatments to remove any blemishes on your hands.

NEOSTRATA have introduced a fabulous new anti-ageing neck cream for both men and women called Triple Firming Neck Cream.  It contains three clinically proven matrix building ingredients.  I have tested this product and I am very impressed with it – so often we concentrate our anti-ageing products on our faces and our necks get left behind.  It is therefore good to see a targeted treatment added to our existing Neostrata anti-ageing product range.

We are also currently testing a new range of cosmeceutical serums which include add-on anti-oxidant serums – the wonderful part of this range is that they can be used with any anti-ageing range of products.  I particularly like the hyaluronic gel serum – talk about an instant boost to the skin!  We do not like to endorse products we have not tested, so if you will bear with us we will give you feedback very shortly.  There is also a serum which helps with redness and I will give feedback on this once the testing process is complete.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is deeply hydrating and retains moisture.  In a more youthful skin, HA is found in our cells and it helps to retain moisture.  As we age the HA decreases, the cells shrink in size and they lose their ability to retain moisture – the sad side effect of this is wrinkles!

Therefore we need to add more moisture to our skins as we age and while topical moisturisers help tremendously, many people find they need that something extra and this is where an add-on product like a hyaluronic acid serum can fill the gap – it is deeply hydrating and it gives the skin an added bonus – radiance!  Anti-oxidant serums aid the skin in their defence against the ravages of free radicals which also cause ageing and skin cancer.

This range also has some wonderful treatments, including a very specific treatment for men – we are going to be testing these shortly.  It is exciting to note that men have woken up to the fact that they too can have beautiful skins and it is good to know that the cosmeceutical companies have embraced this sector of the anti-ageing market.  Our Skin Active range is particularly good for men as it does not contain any fragrance, it is easy to use (only 3 products) and of course the products are packed with potent anti-ageing ingredients .

We recently attended a talk by Dermatologist from Germany, who is an expert on scars and he spoke on topical silicone gels for the prevention and management of abnormal scars.  We shall be writing about this topic as we know there is a lot of information about scars and it can be confusing at times to know how to handle a scar for the best possible outcome.

We also attended a fascinating talk last week titled “Skin Pigmentation: Its Evolution and Meaning in the Modern World. Hours after this talk, a fascinating article appeared in the online newspaper, Daily Maverick, written by Rebecca Davis and titled, Race ain’t nothing but an illusion. We couldn’t have written it better ourselves and we have included it in a separate blog.  We were pleased to note that much of what was written in our Vitamin D article tied in well with Dr Jablonski’s research.

Remember winter is a good time for skin maintenance especially to remove those non-threatening but irritating brown marks and it is really a good time to have rejuvenating skin peels on your face, neck and décolleté, ready for the summer days that lie ahead!  If your skin is feeling dry because of winter, you can always add a layer of neutral moisturiser on top of your products with active ingredients.

Keep warm and make the best of what the Cape has to offer in winter … cosy fires, good food, great wine, brisk walks and quality time with friends!



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