Some of our regular newsletter recipients have been wondering why we have not sent out any newsletters in 2012.  We have been working on the development of a website since January 2012 for Dr Ian Webster and we are proud to announce that we have gone ‘live’ after a lot of effort from a small but  motivated team of people.  You can view our website:

Our first task was to find a new logo for the practice, something that would define our dermatology practice and make it unique.  After attending a talk titled, BeautiPHIcation, (see September 2011 newsletter), we became fascinated with the symmetry of the human face and how it defines beauty.  This led us along a path with many interesting twists and turns, towards what we were looking for in a design:  something that was artistic, that had an African influence and depicted beauty.  Wire art is so much part of the African landscape and we were happy when we found an artist who was able to combine all these elements, resulting in what we think is a very unique logo!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to our son, Greg, who was our project manager.  He used what little spare time he had off in the film industry to help us achieve our dream of creating a website.  He has had an unbelievable amount of patience and his creative eye and skills have helped us to keep our website professional, contemporary and informative. His input was enormous and we so appreciate that we had a family member who had our best interests at heart.  This was not altogether an easy brief because medical professionals are governed by certain restrictions and ethics when it comes to any form of advertising or media exposure.

Rob Hope of HitDelete, was our Cape Town based web designer/developer.  The moment we met Rob we knew he was on the same page as us and he needed to be:  we all have quite strong ideas of what we like and what we don’t like!  Rob runs a very professional business and he took great care to listen carefully to our needs and desires, always trying to translate them into exactly what we envisaged.  As we live in 3 separate directions in Cape Town, Rob in Muizenberg, Greg in the city centre and myself in Somerset West, this was no easy feat.  Of interest, we only once resorted to a telephone conference and our only meeting was in January when we briefed Rob.  We communicated via email and at times this made it a bit more challenging trying to translate ideas into reality but Rob managed this most successfully and when changes needed to be made, they were made without fuss and with much patience. Thank you Rob – there was very little stress around this project thanks to you and Greg and I know you are as proud of the end result as we are.

Perhaps the fact that both Rob and Greg are surfers, with calm personalities, helped lessen any stress we might otherwise have felt?

Ian and I were involved in the content and I was also involved in the product content as well as putting in my pennies worth on the aesthetic side!  I seemed to live with deadline after deadline but as I love a project, with a beginning and an end, I have found the whole process thoroughly stimulating!  Greg and I scoured websites for suitable images and in time we hope to mostly use our own images or those of talented photographers in and around South Africa.  In fact the one image of the umbrella, reminding people to take refuge from the sun when on the beach, is one of Greg’s photographs taken while he was on a surfing trip at Cape St Francis.

We would like to thank Jessica Webster (no relative) for her beautiful artwork on the one image we used on our Home Page.  What a talented artist and imagine Greg’s surprise when he Googled, Skin Art and Jessica’s website came up.  She is a graduate of Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town and we love her ‘out-of-the-box’ idea of using skin as art and you can see how she achieved this by visiting her website:

We will be updating our website regularly and we will be sending out newsletters with topical information.  The June 2012 newsletter tackles the debate around Vitamin D and how much sun exposure is needed for Vitamin D synthesis to take place. Far too many people are confused about this topic and Ian has written his thoughts on this subject, which we hope will bring about some clarity.  We will endeavour to give you information that we believe will help you negotiate the minefield of  information and misinformation about treatments and products, especially in the lucrative anti-ageing market.

We will also update our product section with a range of products, not only for the skin but also for hair and nails and we will try and make sure that these products are tried and tested, as we believe our integrity is the most valuable asset we have and we want to make sure that we uphold this at all times.

Thank you for your support and if you do not wish to receive these newsletters, please unsubscribe when you receive this one – we understand and respect your right, in this age of information overload, to receive information that you have chosen.

Sandy Webster

6 Responses to “Website: Dr Ian Webster”

  1. Kary says:

    Well done Sandy and Ian – lovely website! Wish we lived down your way to benefit from Ian’s expertise. Kary :)

    • Iwebster says:

      Hi Kary, thanks for your kind words and also for the interest you have shown in this project all along. You have good reason to come down our way these days with your 2 offspring studying down here and perhaps one day you can benefit from Ian’s expertise! Sandy x

  2. Val says:

    Fantastic – all your month’s of hard work makes very informative reading and the website is very calming and serene – love the pics. Hope it goes well and I love the newsletters anyway!

  3. Val says:

    PS: love the logo!

    • Iwebster says:

      Thanks for your wonderfully positive feedback Val! It is people like you who make it all worthwhile as I know how much you appreciate our newsletters. Regards Sandy

  4. Elrika says:

    Hi, I am looking for a dermatoligst in Pretoria that is as good as Dr Webster? Any names?

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