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We are now the stockists of this stylish range of sunhats from the Emthunzini range for men, women and children and they are selling like hot cakes! This range of hats have been awarded The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Seal of Recognition, which recognises that they offer the assurance of protection against the harmful effects of the sun. They are fashionable, crushable (some of them), washable and fully adjustable hats.

We have ordered the most popular designs in the range. If you would like to come to 29 Bright Street, we would be happy to show you what we have in stock and if we don’t have what you want, we will order it for you. Imported from Australia, there is nothing else like these hats on the market in South Africa as far as we are aware, which have a UV protection of +50. We are very excited to know that our patients will have an added layer of protection over and above their sunscreen this summer. What I personally enjoy is that some of the hats in the range can be worn either turned up or down and when they are down, they provide a generous amount of shade on the neck/chest area which is vital when you are out and about or walking in the blazing sun.

On Thursday 10th & Friday 11th November 2011, I will be at Heidi Strung, Heidi Sendin’s annual market at her home in Hillcrest Road selling the hats and taking orders. Please note, the hats will not be at the surgery in Bright Street on those 2 days this week.


Last month I said I would give you some information about the Environ range, a uniquely South Africa product, researched, designed and manufactured in South Africa. We have stocked the Environ range for about 15 years and when we first stocked it, there were no other cosmeceuticals on the market in SA. Dr Des Fernandes, a Plastic Surgeon in Cape Town was a trail-blazer in those days (the early 90s) – no-one had ever heard of Vitamin A for sun-damaged skins and he certainly can be seen as a pioneer in the anti-ageing / Vitamin A scene. The range includes products for men, women and teens.

Even though I am using Neostrata at this stage of my life, I still use certain Environ products that are in a league of their own. The Original EssentiA nourishing oil when partnered with the Derma-Lac Lotion is a wonderful combination as a treatment for dull, dry, sun damaged skin on your arms, décolleté and other parts of the body. Derma-Lac, with alpha-hydroxy acids, exfoliates and smoothes the skin, while the EssentiA oil, which contains antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E, nourishes and relieves the appearance of dry and sun-damaged skin – male or female. This should be used as part of your evening regime and it will help to soften and smooth your skin especially as summer approaches and we bare more skin. Alpha-hydroxy products can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so always use a sunscreen when using these products.

I am not sure if you have ever noticed elderly people whose skin is tissue-paper thin, dry and wrinkled especially on their arms and legs – they bruise easily and bleed under the skin. This is thought to be caused by severe sun damage which leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin on the sun-exposed areas. While nothing is guaranteed in life, the use of topical Vitamin A does have a role to play in in the maintainance of the structural components of the skin (skin matrix) and is known to improve fine winkles associated ageing, helps to retain moisture in the skin and to give the skin a smoother, healthier appearance. A healthy skin matrix helps protect the skin from injury and may help you as you age, to alleviate the bruising/bleeding seen so often in elderly people who have severely sun damaged skins.

I am a firm believer in using different products from time to time – I sometimes go back onto the original Environ range if I feel my skin needs a change and this is perfectly acceptable to use different ranges occasionally. I don’t believe in hopping around from range to range too often but I do think every so often it is good to expose your skin to different products and ingredients – it ‘revs’ your skin especially if you feel your skin has hit a plateau and needs something different at that particular time.

Next month I will tell you about the Environ home kit facial that I have used forever and day ….


I have used many sunscreens over the years being married to a Dermatologist – I am a tried and tested guinea pig! I know what I like in a sunscreen and what I don’t like and I am sensitive to how it looks once it is applied (too white and difficult to rub in etc). Seldom have I used a new sunscreen and been so impressed, not only by how it feels and looks but by its efficacy. Often, the more effective a sunscreen, the more white and difficult it is to apply and absorb into the skin!

Recently, my husband brought home a bottle of Vichy Capital Soleil Gel sunscreen which he asked me to test for him. It is from Vichy Laboratories in France and is a new sunscreen product in their extensive range. It has a protection factor of SPF 50 and offers not only sunscreen benefits but antioxidant protection which helps your skin avoid sun damage and photo-ageing. It is easy to apply and has a beautiful silk-like quality, spreading easily and leaving the skin feeling well moisturised with a soft glow.


We are in the process of doing some research about a Vitamin D deficiency in people, particularly South Africans, thought to be caused by a lack of sun due to sunscreens. This is a very topical subject right now and one that needs to be researched properly so that accurate information can be given to our patients/readers of this newsletter – there appear to be some quite varied views on this topic!

Keep well, until next time …


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