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I apologise that this newsletter is a little overdue but Ian and I took a much needed holiday recently, I have therefore combined the DR IAN WEBSTER’S July and August newsletters.

Skin, which is linked to our psyche, is usually a good barometer of health – your diet, your physical activity and your environment all play a big part in how healthy it looks and feels. When your skin looks good, you feel good! When you move out of your normal environment, your skin can be very quick to react to its new surroundings with signs of dehydration, especially if it is exposed to long flights and temperature controlled environments. I have highlighted this common problem in the hope that I might help you avoid a similar situation.

I have written in detail, about my experience with sclerotherapy (removal of leg veins) – see further down at how impressed I am with this new treatment at 29 Bright Street!


My skin suffered fairly bad dehydration on this trip because of the temperature controlled environments we stayed in – I kicked myself a million times over that I hadn’t brought an extra tube of neutral moisturiser as my skin is very sensitive to temperature change and dehydrates very quickly. I usually pop a tube of moisturiser, such as ENVIRON SUPER MOISTURISER into my make-up bag or lately, just for a change, the BIODERMA SENSIBO RICH cream when I go away, even if it is for a weekend. However, I had forgotten to take the extra cream on this trip and found my skin feeling extremely dry, especially at night. One night I even resorted to applying a thin layer of SKIN ACTIVE EYE CREAM on top of my normal night cream … ouch not good for the pocket!

Most of us should be using a good night cream with active ingredients such as Vitamin A or other anti-ageing ingredients from our 30s onwards. If your skin feels dehydrated, always continue to apply your active ingredient moisturiser and then ‘lock’ it in with a less expensive neutral moisturiser. It works out rather expensive to put layers and layers of the more expensive cream with, anti-ageing ingredients, on your skin to alleviate dehydration. As long as the active ingredients are applied first, right next to your skin so they can do their good work, a layer of neutral moisturiser over the top works like a charm to help dryness.

I was able to counteract any daytime dryness by applying HELIOCARE SILK GEL SPF 30 over my day cream – this gorgeous, non-clogging, silky sunscreen added moisture and provided extra sun protection.

TIP: Let the moisturiser with the active ingredients settle into your skin first (about 5 minutes) before applying the neutral cream.


In my humble opinion, The Neostrata Skin Rejuvenation System SRS (Glycolic Acid Peels) is the best facial ever and winter is a good time to consider having these peels if your skin feels jaded and in need of a boost. You cannot go wrong with one or two or even a couple of superficial glycolic peels to remove a build-up of dry skin and ‘polish’ your skin. By removing the build-up of dry, dull skin, your products with active ingredients will penetrate better, thereby providing more moisture in the skin and giving your skin a fresh, rejuvenated look.

The long term anti-ageing benefits of these safely-controlled peels is also appealing – even if your skin is not showing signs of sun-damage i.e. ageing, it is a good idea to commence with superficial peels before any sun damage appears. They also work well to help mild acne. None of these anti-ageing treatments work in isolation – products with active ingredients for ageing, sun protection, treatments such as peels, hydration, in some cases, laser etc all form part of the multiple-pronged approach to help our skin to age gracefully.

Both male and females can enjoy this treatment with virtually no downtime – you can experience redness for a short while afterwards and some superficial peeling but it certainly is the quickest way to give your skin a boost. You would need an assessment first to see if you are a suitable candidate and to discuss any side effects and outcomes.

TIP: Your skin has a memory like an elephant and it never forgets an episode of abuse (sunburn is like a scar to the skin) – good products and annual glycolic peels can help erase some of the cellular memory caused by the sun.


I have tested the Neostrata Skin Active Range for the past 10 weeks. So far, notwithstanding the time I was away and out of my normal environment and where my skin was dehydrated, I am extremely happy with the products thus far. I took the day, night & eye cream with me on my holiday and was very impressed at how little space they took up in my toiletry bag. All the anti-ageing ingredients of this product range are in each cream , alleviating the need for multiple products.

The range can be used by males and females – it contains no perfumes, has contemporary, stylish and unisex packaging and with more and more men making use of anti-ageing products, this range is perfect for them.

My skin is back to its normal, hydrated state since my return and I will continue to keep you informed of my progress on the Neostrata Skin Active Range – 16 weeks (the end of August 2011) is the standard testing period, so I will give you final feedback in the September 2011 newsletter.

TIP: When testing a new product range, always use them for the prescribed time so that you are able see if they work for you and if they meet your expectations. Don’t use other products at the same time as you will not see the true results.


Sister Liz du Toit duly arrived for her first Sclerotherapy visit to 29 Bright Street last Monday and I was her first patient. I wanted to test her leg vein treatment (sclerotherapy) so that I know what I am talking about when asked about this treatment. If the truth be told, I also wanted to rid myself of a number of these pesky little blue and red veins. They are a constant reminder of all my ills – too much sun, too many hot baths, pregnancies, crossing my legs, wearing tights, and last but not least, too many hours of standing on my feet for long hours especially at various functions I have organised in the past 12 years.

I was little apprehensive as I was not sure what to expect from a hour up close and personal with a tiny little injection needle, filled with a saline solution. Firstly, Liz neutralised any fears with her kind but firm demeanour. With multiple years of experience in this specialised field, she immediately set me at ease with her professional yet relaxed approach. I have always delayed undergoing sclerotherapy because I felt it was going to be time-consuming and very costly.

The sclerotherapy sessions are 1 hour but Liz works until she is happy she has achieved what she would like to in that session – she managed to inject most of the veins on both my legs and I was very impressed that she was able to achieve this. It is not the most comfortable procedure but it is not intolerable and if it is, you can speak to Liz about Emla cream, a topical local anaesthetic cream. I found the more she injected (it is a very, very fine needle), the less uncomfortable it was as endorphins were released.

After the treatment, Liz applied what she terms her ‘magic cream’ and I felt absolutely no discomfort whatsoever immediately after the treatment or in the days thereafter. I was told not to do hectic exercise for 3 days, no hot baths or pressure of any kind on my legs and to wait about 10 days to start seeing some results. Ten days on and I am delighted to see that some of the smaller leg veins have broken up and started to disappear or they have become pale pink. Liz informed me that I would need a follow-up appointment as not all the veins would disappear after one session – it can apparently take up to four sessions.

TIP: I was told that the knee high pantyhose I was wearing when Liz arrived, are a big No-No, as are the ankle version – both constrict the blood flow to the ankle and knee area, putting pressure on your leg veins and causing more pressure and more veins. Rather wear full tights or pantyhose.

We have decided to make the bookings for the Sclerotherapy sessions at the surgery and not through Liz du Toit as she is often busy with patients and cannot answer her cellphone.

APPOINTMENTS: To book an appointment, please phone Gail or Renzana at 021 852 5858/9

DATES: Liz will next be in Somerset West on MONDAY, 1ST AUGUST 2011 and every 2nd Monday thereafter.

COST: R650.00 for a one hour session (this sometimes gets extended slightly)

QUERIES: If you have any queries, please phone me and I will be happy to answer them – Sandy 083 293 5766

Keep well and look after yourselves,

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