From June 2011, on behalf of Dr Ian Webster, I will send out a monthly communication to selected persons who are either existing patients of his practice, or who have asked to kept informed of new developments in dermatology including treatments, procedures and products, especially those related to the anti-ageing market.

If you would like to share this newsletter with friends, I would ask that you please send me their names and email addresses and I will add them to our newsletter database.

The aim of the newsletters is to keep you informed and enlightened and to give you honest and accurate information, in a unbiased and medical way. More and more, it has come to our attention that people are confused by the large array of products and treatments, especially in the lucrative anti-ageing market. Our aim is to try and give you clarity, so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to how you look after your skin at any age. We are also wanting to bring the men in ‘from the cold’ ! For too long, it has been assumed that men don’t need to look after their skins or worry about the ageing process. The happy news is that the younger generation of men are only too happy to use products and look after their skins but we now need to persuade their Dads to do the same!

Our vision is for our patients and clients to feel that any information we send out, is from a trusted source and has integrity.

I have worked in all areas of my husband, Ian’s Dermatology practice for the past 18 years – first as his receptionist, then as his Practice Manager and I have always been very involved product selection and sales. I have attended many training courses on skin care and products over the years and have a keen interest in the wellness of the skin. For the past few years I have been involved in the events business but at Ian’s request, I have decided to concentrate on helping him full-time on the product/aesthetic side of his practice. I have always loved to see tired, neglected skins come to life with the correct products and if needed, treatments.

It might come as a surprise to you but I do not think wrinkles are the worst sign of ageing! Brown spots, uneven skin tone, dull, dry , sagging skin are what I consider the negatives of an ageing skin. All these problems of sun damage can be addressed in a way that leaves the skin looking natural and refreshed – almost as though you have always just looked after your skin very well over a long period of time. Nothing hectic but consistent use of good products and a few treatments along the way is what it takes. If you think your skin is beyond salvation from too much sun, think again … I have seen some pretty bad skins in my time and in all the cases we have been able to help in some way or another.

I truly believe that an older woman with a glassy, ironed-out skin, over-treated with Botox and fillers and a face totally devoid of wrinkles, is not a pretty sight. With everyone on the Botox bandwagon (wonderful when used correctly and in the right places for the right people), we are seeing more and more people with no natural facial expression which is rather sad! The anti-ageing market is often money driven and the actual well-being of the patient and the outcome of over-treatment is not taken into account.

Exciting developments in our practice are the following:


A highly experienced nursing sister, Sister Liz du Toit will be visiting our practice at 29 Bright Street, twice a month to do Sclerotherapy i.e. the removal of leg veins, those bothersome little red and blue veins that stop us showing off our legs during the summer months! Ian and Liz go back a long way from the days when Ian trained as a Dermatologist at Groote Schuur in the late 80s/early 90s. Towards the end of his registrar training in Dermatology, Ian went to Harvard Medical School in Boston to learn more about lasers under Professor Jeff Dover. He met one of Prof Dover’s nursing sisters who did Sclerotherapy and upon his return, Liz set off for some Sclerotherapy training under Professor Dover’s nursing sister. For the past 20 years, Liz has treated many patients and their leg veins and we are very excited to welcome her to our part of the world twice a month. She already has a client base who travels through to Cape Town from this area but it will be more convenient now that she will be in our practice every month. Bookings can be made directly with Liz: 021-434 7706 or 084 6647706.


Ian and I attended the long-awaited launch of this new, exciting product range from Neostrata. Genop Health, the company who imports this range into South Africa, hosted a dinner at the Vineyard Hotel on Wednesday night, 8th June 2011. Dr Elizabeth Briden, a Cosmetic Dermatologist and Anti-Ageing expert from the USA, gave a talk on this new advanced, comprehensive, anti-ageing regimen which targets all visible signs of ageing with state-of-the-art technologies. Both Ian and I are very excited by this new Neostrata range which includes Peptides, Apple Stem Cells from a 1000 year old apple tree in Japan – apparently these send signals to old cells to behave like young cells. I have personally been testing the 4 products for the past 3 weeks and I am very impressed so far but 16 weeks is the yardstick, so I will give you more feedback in time. I think the most exciting part for me is that it is such a simple regimen. Four products packed with potent anti-ageing ingredients all in the same product, so one does not have to buy separate products which all add up.


The IPL, Candela Fractional Co2 Resurfacing Laser and the Mosaic Fractional Laser treatments are all now available at Lasermed at Waterstone Village. Earlier this year, Ian took the decision to stop consulting and using the lasers at Lasermed, Cape Town as they were available locally, making it much more convenient for the patients who do not want to travel to Cape Town.

A little known fact about Ian is that he was the pioneer of skin laser therapy in South Africa – he has always had a special interest in lasers and has over 20 years of experience with laser treatments. He helped to establish the first dedicated skin laser clinic at City Park Hospital in Cape Town, now known as the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital. The laser clinic was eventually bought out by Lasermed and Ian still uses their facilities to treat laser patients.

I have also attached an information sheet which provides an overview of Treatments and Procedures available from Dr Ian Webster.

One of our trained staff members or myself, are always available for a chat or at no charge, a consultation to discuss products and treatments and also a long term strategy for your skin – we want you to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we have your best interests at heart and that our advice is not money-driven but rather results-driven – really listening to you and your expectations for a healthy skin.

Go well, until next month!

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